Your About Page Is Your Business’s
Most Valuable Piece Of Real Estate 

It’s also the most overlooked and the hardest to write.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • “I’ve rewritten my About page a hundred times already, but it never comes together as I imagined it.”
  • “I’m a decent writer, but the second I start writing about myself, I sound like a robot.”
  • “People love what I do when I explain it in person, but when they land on my website, they just don’t seem to get it.”

"She tricked me!"

Marian and I Skyped a few times—then BOOM. Suddenly I had a full-blown About page that felt like it came from me. And all I had to do was hang out and shoot the shit?! She tricked me into getting work done I didn't want to do!

— Matt Mizwicki, Wordpress Developer

Businesses routinely lose customers
because their About page isn’t polished.

Without a sense of who you are and why you’re different, customers default to choosing whoever has the lowest price.
But here’s the good news: Your branding disconnect can be solved in one fell swoop.

A killer About page can:

  • Hook visitors so they’re dying to eat up everything you’ve ever created
  • Boost press mentions, interview requests and guest blogging opportunities
  • Grow your mailing list
  • Close new customers by increasing their time on site and decreasing bounce rate

Think about the last time
you stumbled across a new business

After reading whatever page you landed on—a blog post or product page—what did you do next?

I’m betting you clicked on their About page.
And if that page touched a nerve, you bookmarked it, sent it to a friend, tweeted about it, or signed up for their newsletter.
But if that page sounded like a regurgitated LinkedIn bio? Chances are you never looked at their site again.

What if, one week from today, you were saying:

  • “I keep getting emails from readers saying how much my story resonated with them!”
  • “I can’t stop reading my About page. I want to hire myself!”
  • “My client intake form is blowing up!”
  • “I just got an email from a podcast host asking me to be a guest on his show!”

Once you know how to tell your story, you can use it everywhere. In a conference bio. On your business’s Facebook page. In a literal elevator. Our job is to help you tell that story in a way that connects with your target audience—whoever and wherever they are.

My name is Marian,
and I had a blog problem

I get it—writing about yourself is hard. For five years, my blog’s About page said:

“Hi, I’m Marian and I’m your friendly neighborhood blogger. I’m based in San Francisco and I write about blah blah blah.”
The page was popular, my traffic was growing, but my bounce rate was really high. People were taking one look at my copy and immediately peacing out. 

Average time spent on site? A whopping 50 seconds.

So last year I hired a copywriter (writers can’t talk about themselves either), an editor and a branding coach to overhaul how I welcome new visitors. 

Here’s what happened:

  • Time on site DOUBLED. New visitors now spend 2+ minutes on a blog updated only once per month.
  • Newsletter subscribers DOUBLED.
  • Income DOUBLED. Because my offerings and experience were crystal clear, people trusted me enough to hire me on the spot.  

But even more importantly, I started getting emails like these: 

“You’re not who we need to hire right now, but after reading your website my heart feels like I need to toss this idea out there.”
“I’m so inspired with how decisive your website is about who you work with. It's very clear that like, BAM, you have these packages and this is what you do.”

My ideal customers were suddenly dropping everything to hire me—sometimes for projects I never expected (and even though I'd gotten more specialized in my offerings).

Magical opportunities crop up when you can clearly articulate your story and skills

"Real Business Growth"

We hire Marian when we want content that will attract A TON of new readers. She writes in a fun and engaging way, which means every piece she writes results in larger-than-average traffic, helping us engage readers via email, on Facebook and our site... which helps us bring in revenue. Her work is always a blast to read and results in real business growth.

— Alexis Grant, The Write Life


Okay, Marian, I get it.
My About page is already getting traffic.
How do I plug that leak?

Here’s how it works: We start bright and early Monday morning with a 90-minute call. We outline your ideal customers and get clear on your goal.

Using my decade of marketing experience and writing techniques, I write your About page to bring out the stickiest parts of your story and optimize it to accomplish your biggest goals.  

Two days later, you get a draft. Together we finesse, edit and finalize the storyline.

The Bonus Round

On Thursday, I hand the final draft to a developmental editor at one of the country’s top literary agencies. She’s a fresh set of eyes to make sure the story structure flows, commas are in the right place and any gaps get filled in. (Did you notice the last sentence had a serial comma and the rest of the site doesn't? She did.) 

By the next Monday, you have a shiny new About page, complete with formatting suggestions so it's optimized for conversion.

An entire week chock-full of copywriting treats


90-minute strategy session

Branding workbook & customer research

2 days of Oh Hai copywriting + 1 round edits

Unlimited copy consulting during your week

Page formatting suggestions

Final draft polished by Developmental Editor

$450 value

$75 value

$1600 value

$1500 value

$150 value

$350 value

$4125 value for only $1499!

"Finally Proud to share my story"

I've worked with lots of creatives who aren't great at managing their time, but Marian's simple and thoughtful process unlocked the story that was floating around in my head. I used to trip over my own words, but she distilled the essence of what I needed to say on a single page. I'm finally proud to share my story.

— Alex McClafferty | Founder, WPCurve

Your burning questions: Answered

Can you just edit what I already have?

Shoot us an email—in some cases, we can give editorial suggestions for optimization at our hourly rate (350). Long term though, you’re better off with a more strategic approach. Our best work—the best bang for your buck—comes with days of brainstorming, customer research and editing. All of that, and more, is included in the cost above.

Do I Need This?

Chances are, yes. It’s rare we see an About page that already kicks ass, but you can email us a link to your page if you’re unsure. This is NOT for you if you’re:

  • Scared of getting vulnerable on the internet.
  • Don’t see the value in selling yourself (you don’t have to like it or be good at it, but you do need to value it).
  • Can’t invest the time in doing the pre-work. You’ll have to set aside some time to think through your goals, your target audience and other key issues. It’s fun though, pinky promise. 

What counts as an About page?

Great question! If you have a one-page website, that counts. If you don’t have an About page but do have a Work with Me page, that’s cool too. Get in touch if you're not sure. We'll let you know if this service is the right fit.



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