Devour Our Past Work

Below are some of our all-time favorite projects. Enjoy.

The Workplace Co

PROJECT: Homepage

"Marian managed to draft, get feedback and edit our landing page in under 4 hours. I couldn't be happier with the results. Our new webpage is perfect and very effective. It definitely helps us engage many more clients." 

"She really got under the skin of who we are as a company!"

~ Jonathan Peace | The Workplace Co


Project: Email Nurture Campaign

"I wanted to give you props for a pitch email that really resonates. I get a few dozen B2B emails a week - and this one was compelling."

~ ACTUAL email recipient | CultureIQ

Click to Brick

Project: Landing Page & Video

"From our first conversation, Marian listened, understood and nailed our requirement. And it only got better from there. She was super organized in structuring our content approach and turned around a near perfect job the first time. We were blown out of the water. The end result was stellar and we can't imagine using anyone else for copywriting. Love her work!"

~ Selase Dugbaza | Click to Brick



"With Marian's help, WisePops went from Amateur to Pro. She helped define our communication style so we could be clear and consistent through our blog, newsletter and web copy. I'd recommend her to anyone—she's a doer and makes everything happen almost instantly."

~ Ben Cahen | WisePops



Project: Website copywriting

"Marian is, hands-down, one of the best people I've had the pleasure of having on my team. She is extraordinarily creative and absurdly productive. She loves what she does and it shows."

~ Jen Billock | Couchsurfing


Project: Video script & production

"Listen, I know how to make videos look pretty, but Marian knows how to build the freaking world. She can package complex ideas into entertaining, relatable, and understanding content. CAN YOU DO THAT, PERSON READING THIS TESTIMONIAL!? Doubtful. Try. JUST TRY.

"Marian is productive, organized, and knows how to get the very best out of people. When there's a problem, she knows how to tackle it. She's patient, organized, and knows what she's doing. Plus, when Marian works with teams, she knows exactly how to make the most of what each person brings to the table."

~ Malia Moss | THUMBTACK

Life in Düsseldorf

Project: About page

"I knew Marian could achieve anything, but hiring a writer for such a small part of my business was a hard mental block to overcome. Well, not only is my About page now fabulous, but Marian helped identify the core of my business.

Before Marian no one even looked at my About page. Now it captures new readers every day without any additional work or marketing."

~ Jenna Davis | Life in Düsseldorf


Project: Video script

"Whipsmart + Professional + Hilarious + Talented = Marian. Hiring her to write for me? Oh hell yes. I'd do it again in a heartbeat."

~ Molly Mahar | Stratejoy

Matt Mizwicki

Project: Sales page

"Marian makes difficult, time-consuming work simple and fun. We Skyped a few times and BOOM! Suddenly I had a million spectacular ideas that felt like they came from me. And all I had to do was hang out and shoot the shit?! Are you kidding me?! Who else can make that happen? She tricked me into getting work done that I didn't want to do! How'd she do that?"

~ Matt Mizwicki | Wordpress Developer