Email Copy: Tap Into Your Most Valuable Sales Tool

People ask us all the time, "If you could only write ONE thing for a business and have it be the most high-converting project ever, what would it be?

And it doesn't matter the business or the customer, I also say, "EMAIL."

Email is not dead.

Email does not have to be time consuming.

Email is the easiest, most effective way to get the most bang for your buck.


You're not selling anything yet, but you ARE list-building and don't want to waste the opportunity to WOW new subscribers. Welcome sequences are the most effective way to tap into pre-existing momentum and set you up for success when you're ready to sell.

>> Flat rate: $1,200


A simple, but extraordinarily effective sale sequence, engineered to tap into your readers objections, motivations and deep-seated beliefs. These bad boys work on autopilot, helping you build relationship and generate leads without lifting a finger.

>> Flat rate: $2,250

10+ email Sales sequence

Get access to our backlog of crazy-effective templates and techniques. These highly-segmented sequences will make for your highest converting email sequence yet. Perfect for high-value programs, SaaS tools and e-commerce websites

>> Starting at: $5,000

Each Package Comes With...

1. Sequence Strategy

2. 2 rounds of edits