End the scrambling. Get the word out.
Build a waitlist.

You can stop fighting tooth and nail for every sale when you let your sales page do the work.


“Damn good”

"Marian just didn't make us ‘sound better.’ She helped us strategize and position our entire online event. We made over $500,000—the majority of which came from Marian's sales page and email sequence. We had an 8% conversion rate... For a $1,000 product, I'd call her damn good."



We both know you’re crazy inspiring. You started a business from nothing, and now look at you! You’ve got a custom logo and a slick website that makes you feel fancy. (You even have glossy business cards to pass to the chatty guy behind you in line at Starbucks.) Feedback about your business isn’t just glowing—it’s incandescent.

But...you were kinda hoping for more by now. Because Honestly? You’re just not growing as fast as you’d imagined.

You want a waitlist, not this constant scrambling to offer last-minute discounts so godpleaseanyone will buy. You look at your schedule and realize you might need to take on a side job to pay the bills.

Oh, Hell No.


A well-crafted sales page takes your business to the next level.
An Oh Hai Sales Page means you’ll never scramble again.



A Premium Service
or Experience

Wedding photographers, dog trainers, interior designers or your mom’s custom cat portrait Etsy shop.

A Digital Product
or Event 

Conferences, masterminds, eBooks, self-study programs, online courses, retreats or masterminds.



When We Write Your Sales Page, You Get Exclusive Access To Our “Secret Sauce”


More Sales (At Higher Prices)

Convert your already-existing traffic without spending a single cent on more marketing.



The best nuggets don't come from your head, your competitors or the back of the Cap’n Crunch box. They come straight from your customers. That’s the difference between copy that falls flat and copy that converts.

A Booked-Solid waiting list

When you clearly articulate what you do, you’ll attract clients who will wait months for your time. They'll even pay in full—right now—for the privilege.

Make it easy for people to slot themselves into your calendar, pay a deposit and onboard themselves. No more dry spells,  discount codes or dead-end sales calls. 

An immediate understanding of what the heck you do

It is SO hard to talk about yourself. How can you possibly encapsulate decades of experience, all while keeping it "short and snappy," without sounding like a sleazy car salesman named Greg? 

super jealous competition

Customers are price shopping, dilly-dallying and researching your competition. They should see your sales page and immediately STOP, drop and roll.

We want them to think: Finally, someone who tells it like it is! How did they get in my head? This is everything I need! Where do I sign up?

Your competition won’t know what hit them (and honestly, they’ll probably try to rip you off).


“I want to weep with relief”

“After so long struggling over this on my own, I just want to weep with relief that even in draft form, what you wrote is something I'd be proud to deliver (enormous sigh).”



“Our secret sauce”

"Marian is an absolute ROCKSTAR. Over the past 5 months we've tripled the number of visitors to our website and increased on-page conversions. She is a primary ingredient in our secret sauce."




How It Works

4 steps. 2 weeks. Your customers, your business and I.


I immerse myself in your world to identify the best "hooks" in your offering , which means I take the time to:

  • Work through your online course
  • Attend your weekend workshop
  • Read your 750-page eBook
  • Go through your personal styling session (yes please)


My job is to find the secret words your customers use when they're tossing and turning at night.

I interview ~10 customers to identify the psychological triggers that lead them to your service. Then I pinpoint the message that will resonate with MORE of them on an exponentially bigger scale.


My bag o’ tricks includes 200+ templates, storytelling strategies, power words and headline formulas. When combined with your business story (and the words your customers already use), we can sell a crapload of Your Thing.

+ All Oh Hai sales pages come with two rounds of revisions, plus a final polish by one of our editors.


Since our brains process images and colors faster than text, you'll walk away not only with your sales page copy, but a customer brief and wireframe so you and your designer and can see everything in-situ.


+ Bonus! Testimonials +

Customers NEED to see real success stories before they hand over their credit card. But most testimonials suck. (I mean, come on. "Gets work done on time?" Congratulations, you own a watch). When I interview your customers, I turn their interviews into incredible testimonials—ones that push potential buyers over the edge and into paying customer territory.



Your Investment

It's about the long-term health of your business
(and the sanity of your schedule)

  • • 90-minute strategy session
  • • ~10 customer interviews
  • • 1 long-form sales page
  • • Headline & button copy options for A/B testing
  • • Final polish by our developmental editor
  • • Customer brief & style guide
  • • Sales page wireframe
  • • Final design review

“A crash course in copywriting”

"I desperately needed to get my message out there in a way that resonated with my ideal clients. Marian took my interviews and turned them into amazing copy. She backed up her wording with insights based on research, so I felt like I got a crash course in copywriting on top of everything else. Now I can even emulate her style and add new content on my own."


“From amateur to pro”

“Marian helped us take WisePops from Amateur to Pro. She helped define our communication style so we could be clear and consistent through all our copy.”


“You identified the core of my business”

“Before you no one even looked at my copy. Now it captures new readers every day without any additional work or marketing. Not only is my website fabulous, but you helped identify the core of my business.”



Don't be shy. My best clients ask the hard-hitting questions.
These are my some of my favorites.



+ “Sales techniques” don’t work on my audience... right?

Oh you, sweet, sweet entrepreneur.

There is no such thing as an audience that doesn’t “believe” in marketing.

There are only two instances where sales techniques don’t work: You’re not talking to the right people People don’t understand your solution to their problem

That’s it. Sure, some people are more skeptical than others. But even the most skeptical, logical people have problems. Problems that need to be solved.

My job is to find out what ails your market and how they talk about it amongst themselves. Then I help position your service or product as “the cure”.

I hate scammy language as much as the next person. That’s why I NEVER work with weight loss products, nutritional supplements or get-rich-quick schemes. In fact, I recently just fired a client once I realized that’s actually what she offered. There are a few “copywriting tricks” I never use. I don’t believe in embarrassing people, no matter what the problem. I also avoid language like “instantly” or “NEW!!!” or any sort of headline you might find on the front page of Upworthy.

At the end of the day, I will never sacrifice integrity for the sake of conversions. That’s why customer interviews are so important. When I can listen to the actual language your customer’s use, we avoid to “overly salesy” factor on your sales page and just come across as authentic, straight forward, and WORTH IT.

+ Does my business/product/service need a sales page?

To be honest, my favorite clients and projects are ones where you’d never expect to see a sales page (because your customers are used to seeing crappy websites from your competitors)...

  • The real estate agents
  • The local coffee shops
  • The coworking spaces

For a variety of reasons, these businesses usually have crappy websites.

Let’s say you’re looking for a Spanish tutor. You’ve probably seen 176 websites that feature some version of, “I have an MBA in world languages and 17 years experience in blah blah blah no one cares.”

When was the last time you saw a Spanish tutor who talked about the embarrassment of ordering tapas abroad? Or the dread they feel when their great-aunt Rosario calls on their birthday and they only understand 7% of what she says?

Incredible sales page don’t talk about The Product, but The Cure. The cure for a messy home covered in Legos. The cure for hating every item of clothing you own. The cure for getting Rosario off the phone.

If you solve a problem with your product or service, then a sales page is THE best way to get people foaming at the mouth to buy. So much so that you’re no longer looking at empty calendars, but a jam-packed schedule for the next 8 months.

+ Isn’t it true that people don’t read long text on the internet?

Nope. People don’t read bad text.

Long-form sales pages give us an incredible opportunity to tell a story.

Long copy let us address every objection and anxiety of your target customer. We can walk through every pain point and explain, in perfect detail, exactly how you will cure those pains. This is especially important for high-ticket services. Sure, you may not want a 2000-word sales page when you’re selling a $17 haircut. But a $1000 interior design consult or a $5k coaching package? You betcha.

The other reason people don’t read long copy is because it’s badly formatted. Think of the last Atlantic article you stumbled across. Those 5,000 words just stared at you. No breaks, no pretty graphics. Just lots and lots of words. My head hurts just thinking about it.

However, there are some secret formatting options copywriters use to help impatient visitors scan and still absorb.... Subheadings, bold, italics, photos, graphics, buttons, color! Design is just as important as copy. With Oh Hai, you get formatting and design suggestions based on proven psychological techniques.

+ What if I haven’t launched yet?

Before writing a single line of sales copy, we must do three things:

  1. Understand your product or service
  2. Review your competition
  3. Perform consumer research

Because we thoughtfully do all three, we don’t charge $0.02 per word. It’s also why we have a waiting list and won’t take new clients who want a sales page “done yesterday.”

Understanding (and reflecting back) visitor motivations improves conversion rates.

To do that, we MUST be able to speak to your target customer.

If you’ve never offered this exact service before, that’s okay. There are two ways we can “mine for messages”. The first is through an exercise called Review Mining, made popular by the website Copyhackers. The second is through interviews with past customers. They don’t need to have done your exact product or service, but they need to be familiar with a) your work and b) the pain point you’re trying to solve.

Other tactics include keyword research (the keywords people use reveal a lot about who they are and how likely they are to buy. Even if you don’t plan on paying for Google Adwords, it’s important to keep those keywords in mind, as they reflect your prospects state of mind.

That said, if you’re just getting into business and are creating your first-ever website, we are likely not a good fit.

+ Does investing in a sales page mean I have to build some big, traditional business?

Not at all. While many of my clients are million-dollar businesses, I respect (and adore) entrepreneurs who want to remain intentionally small. But small doesn't need to mean poor. Or scrambling for the next client.

Whether you're primed to build the next big software company, want to sell 1,000 seats to your next event or just want to book out your dog training program a few months in advance, a sales page can help you accomplish all those things, without needing to change the core of your business.

+ Remind me what I’m getting when I book an Oh Hai Sales Page?

When you book an Oh Hai Sales Page you get:

  • 90-minute strategy session to hone in on your target customer
  • ~10 customer interviews, recorded and transcribed
  • A long-form sales page that highlights everything awesome about your product or service (just like this one!)
  • A wireframe you can give to your designer

One Month From Now, Your Sky-High Profits Will Thank Their Lucky Stars For Oh Hai


Your Investment

In the long-term health of your business
(and the sanity of your schedule)

  • • 90-minute strategy session
  • • ~10 customer interviews
  • • 1 long-form sales page
  • • Headline & button copy options for A/B testing
  • • Final polish by our developmental editor
  • • Customer brief & style guide
  • • Sales page wireframe
  • • Final design review

2 easy payments of $1,329


"Marian's sales page made us over $500k"