Persuasive copywriting customers actually want to read


You want to start exercising again, but the call of Gilmore Girls is strong.

Who would you rather hire:

  • A personal trainer who's been obsessed with running his whole life; or
  • A trainer who struggled to get off the couch for years until finally figuring out a system that works?

I haven’t told you anything about their skills, just their stories. But you already have a first choice, don’t you?
If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “Your About page isn’t actually about you,” we’re about to blow your damn mind.

Your business is
absolutely about you

Creative entrepreneurs who dare to get personal in their marketing materials retain more website visitors and attract more of their ideal customers.

When we read or listen—and by we, I mean all humans—we constantly hunt for connections to our own lives. That's why customers are more likely to choose that personal trainer who used to be overweight.

This is why we started Oh Hai! Copy: To help you use your story to offer points of connection and grow your business.


"Whipsmart + Professional + Hilarious + Talented = Marian."

Hiring her to write for me? Oh hell yes. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


Your story is your most
valuable sales tool

My first job was at a PR agency where I emailed hundreds of journalists the same pitch every day. Eventually, about to lose my freaking mind, I switched tactics.

Instead of following the script, I spent my afternoons narrowing in on the “perfect fit.” I wrote fewer emails, but each one was personal and filled with genuine praise.

I ended with this line:

“I know pitches are incredibly annoying, but I actually think our author would be a great fit for your column.”

Every single journalist wrote back.

"God, you are so spot on about pitches. It was such a breath of fresh air to read something that didn’t come out of a can.”

My authors were featured in The New York Times and Huffington Post.

Then, one morning, I discovered a pile of papers next to my desk. My boss had printed out my emails and highlighted the sentences that were “unprofessional.” In front of the whole office, she yelled at me about sticking to the script.

At a more recent job, I spent six months writing and coproducing a series of hilarious educational videos. The final product was weird and wonderful, sprinkled with skits showing our tool working with real-world examples. It was, to date, one of the most extraordinary projects of my career.

Our new head of marketing killed the project. “Personality isn’t a brand value,” he said.

Personality. Isn’t. A. Brand. Value.

I thought of him—of all of them—when Airbnb released their amazing "Lairbnb" video that immediately went viral. And when Freshbooks embedded a GIF in their support emails that made me laugh out loud. And when the Groove CEO wrote a candid blog post about his goals and shares climbed into the thousands.

“Professionalism Without Personality” is my Goliath.

Trying to keep personality out of my own work has made me miserable. The thing is, it's also terrible for business!

When you tell YOUR story in YOUR voice, clients hunt YOU down. I've seen it time and time again—in big business and within my own work. And through that work I've helped hundreds of business kick ass online by daring to sound human. 


We identify the sticky pieces of your story that belong in your business copy

Oh Hai! is a boutique copywriting studio with a flair for the dramatic. Our copy is chock-full of personality, helping you build community, increase brand awareness, and sell more products.

Our signature product is the Oh Hai! About Page—a single page brimming with conversion power. On it, we introduce your business and story so visitors say, “Whoa. These people GET me." 

Those visitors then do exactly what you want them to (purchase, subscribe, request a consult) and leave feeling jazzed they finally found Their People.

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''When It Comes To Expressing Your Vision Through Words, Marian Is Simply Gifted.''


Meet the Oh Hai Team

Oh Hai! Copy is headed up by me, Marian Schembari

I'm the award-winning blogger behind When I’m not writing copy, I’m crafting essays which you can find on Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Good Housekeeping.

I live in San Francisco, having landed here after nearly a decade bouncing between New York, England, New Zealand and Germany. No matter where I am, I’m mainlining coffee and bouncing results off my trusted assistant.

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This is Dara Kaye, our editor

I'm an editor who's worked with bestselling authors and some of the world's biggest publishers, including Amazon and Hachette UK. I especially love collaborating with women-owned businesses. (Like *cough* Oh Hai! Copy.)

I split time between DC and exotic Milwaukee. I'll perfect your punctuation, smooth your syntax, and turn the other way while you tuck in those dangling modifiers.

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This is Desi, our comedy writer

Over the last decade I’ve written everything from children’s books to marketing copy to optioned screenplays. With a BA in Drama, I’m trained in the science of comedy—on the lookout for solid game structure, effective heightening moves, and guffaw-worthy buttons.

I’m a professional comedian/actor in New York City and you can catch me live performing sketch comedy on Maude Night at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

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This is Homer, OUR assistant

Homer guards the office from squirrels and thinks most words sound like “snax.” In, fact he loves snax, especially clementines. Wait. Clementine? Where?  


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