Your story: It's the difference
between "meh," and "omg gimme."

Stories are the only reason customers buy anything

The stories they tell themselves. The fantasies in their heads. The daydreams that inspire them to take action. 

Oh Hai! Copy is a story-centric copy studio headed up by award-winning blogger Marian Schembari.

We write crazy good words customers actually want to read. No "But wait! there's more!" or "You'll never believe what happened next!" We combine our deep knowledge of the internet with copywriting strategies that work.

This means your:

  • Products get purchased
  • Websites get bookmarked
  • Newsletters get opened, read and forwarded

We know. Everyone calm down.

Oh hai! I'm Marian. And I'm obsessed with the phrase: "me too."

When a reader immediately gets you. When they learn about your work and shout, "YES! THIS. Here are all my dollars!" There's nothing more rewarding than connecting with Your People. And there's nothing more discouraging than watching your hard work disappear into the internet black hole.

That's why I created Oh Hai! Because your story is the reason customers will click, buy and come back again and again and again.

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Our Signature Service

Businesses routinely lose customers because their About page isn’t polished.

Without a sense of who you are and why you’re different, customers default to choosing whoever has the lowest price.

But here’s the good news: Your branding disconnect can be solved in one fell swoop. Click the button below to find out more.

“Marian is one of the most ambitious, proactive and provocative writers I've ever had the pleasure of working with." 


“Marian's voice leaps off the page."

Marian helped me create copy and messaging for my brand, and in the process helped me find my own authentic voice as a business owner. Being around her makes ME feel more creative, a commodity I always have room for in my life.